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Fiber Optics Plus (FOP) Inc. designs and installs high-speed telecommunication networks in residential and commercial buildings (existing and new construction). FOP also specializes in fusion splicing and fiber optic lighting. Please call us for more information regarding our services and prices.

Voice: 352.337.0210
Fax: 352.337.8155
Emergency Service Contacts: 352.246.8842 / 352.246.3027

We are a member of
Building Industry Consulting
Services International

From the President

At Fiber Optics Plus we see that everybody is a customer--we ourselves are customers too. That is why we feel you should get what you pay for. We think life is too short to be unhappy, so we try to enjoy ourselves at work and at play. We understand that your problems come and go, but we're here to make sure they're handled with a smile and a good attitude. In addition, I personally believe a well built network does not mean an overpriced network, so we can assure you excellent quality at a good price. I hope as you get to know us you will find out why our customers become our friends.

Check out these quality partner companies:

Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc.
117 NW 16th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601
Phone: 352.337.0210
Fax: 352.337.8155
E-mail: fop@fiberopticsplus.com
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